[osg-users] Shader composition with multiple function injection

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sun May 13 03:59:32 PDT 2018

Hi Hartwig,

On 12 May 2018 at 22:59, Hartwig Wiesmann <hartwig.wiesmann at skywind.eu> wrote:
> In the example code one directional light computation can be injected. What is the best solution if I like to inject 0 to N directional lights where N is runtime dependent?
> I could do something like:
> Code:
> #ifdef LIGHTING0
>     directionalLight( 0, gl_Normal.xyz, basecolor);
> #endif
> #ifdef LIGHTING1
>     directionalLight( 1, gl_Normal.xyz, basecolor);
> #endif
> #ifdef LIGHTING2
>     directionalLight( 2, gl_Normal.xyz, basecolor);
> #endif
> ...
> but this is not very elegant. Though I do not see any other possibility. Am I missing a better solution?

You could use the above approach, this kinda what the fixed function
pipeline does with needing to enable/disable GL_LIGHT0, GL_LIGHT1,
GL_LIGHT2 etc.

Another approach is pass in the number of active lights and have a for
loop iterator through the calls to directionalLight(i, gl_Normals,
basecolor);  The number of lights could be a uniform or supplied by
#pragma(tic) shader composition.


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