[osg-users] Can a FrameBufferObject be shared by multiple cameras?

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Thu May 10 06:02:21 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

I have a scenario that uses multiple RTT cameras. (The approach is similar
in concept to CSM - Cascading Shadow Maps - where you compose a texture
using multiple frustums). Each RTT camera renders to a different layer of a
Texture2DArray. This works great! However, it uses a lot more memory than I
was expecting.

I realized that each osg::Camera creates its own separate FBO, resulting in
a lot of extra memory usage. Since the cameras render sequentially, it
makes sense for all the RTT cameras to just re-use a single FBO. Is there
any way to make that happen in OSG? Any other suggestions?

Glenn Waldron / osgEarth
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