[osg-users] Adding primitiveset in runtime

Tyler Durden mynewphoneaaaa at gmail.com
Tue May 1 14:13:05 PDT 2018


I'm exploring a quadtree algorithm of my own, having one large vertex array
and a set of precomputed indices as various DrawEelementUInt instances. During runtime
,in order to visualize/hide quadtree nodes, i attach/detach primitiveset
by calling addPrimitiveSet/removePrimitiveSet to a to an existing 
Unfortunately i noticed that if quadtree node's size is higher than 64 (or something like that), (that's mean that i have to attach a primitiveset for 64 vertices) i can see a temporary (but noticeable) block on frame rate.
I like to ask you if this is a correct way to playing with indices at runtime, or if there is some other trick i have to use to speed up attaching indices operation?

Thank you!


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