[osg-users] [ANN] Job Opportunity: Aerospace Visualization Engineer

Ravi Mathur ravidavi at utexas.edu
Thu May 3 11:02:02 PDT 2018

Hello all,

My company Emergent Space Technologies (https://www.emergentspace.com) is looking for an experienced OpenGL/OSG developer to work on some very cool and useful aerospace visualization software. You will work with the OpenFrames API (https://sourceforge.net/projects/openframes/), which is an Open Source OSG-based API used in the aerospace industry for visualizing spacecraft trajectories, Earth/Space science data, and other space-related uses. You will get to work (...play? sometimes the line is fuzzy) with VR, and will be responsible for advancing state-of-the-art visualizations in aerospace tools, including software used by NASA to design interplanetary missions.

The full job description is available on our website (https://emergentcareers.silkroad.com/) (select "Aerospace Visualization Engineer"). You can apply there, or email me directly if you have more questions.

Ravi Mathur
Sr. Guidance Navigation and Control Engineer
Emergent Space Technologies, Inc.

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