[osg-users] AutoTransform, ROTATE_TO_SCREEN and small feature culling

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 23:48:26 PDT 2018

Hi Hartwig,

On 29 March 2018 at 22:51, Hartwig Wiesmann <hartwig.wiesmann at skywind.eu> wrote:
> what I would like to produce is an object that is always oriented towards the user (screen) and has the same size independent of the zoom level. Though the zoom level is limited in a certain range by an additional LOD.
> Therefore, I think that AutoTranslate is the only viable option, or?

You can also implement your own subclasses from
osg::Node/osg::Transform or even osg::AutoTransform.

You can also implement billboard with vertex shaders.

So there are plenty of viable options.


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