[osg-users] Conflict between osg-3.0.1 and UI

Eran Cohen ceranco at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 00:56:50 PDT 2018


We have a program with a UI that is built in WPF and  WinForms and runs on Windows 7.
We have another library that uses OSG-3.0.1  that we are trying to integrate into our program. This library uses OSG to render a picture to the screen (using osgViewer).

Our program can run either from the UI or from the command line without the UI.

When we try to use the library in our program while using the UI, we get the following error:

> Warning: Windows Error #170 : [Screen 0]
> GraphicsWindowWin32::makeCurrentImplementation() - Unable to set current OpenGL rendering context.
> Reason: The requested resource is in use.

and we get a black picture rendered to the screen.
But if we run it from the command line without the UI everything works as expected.

We have tried finding packages in our UI that use OSG, but we haven't found any. 
If anyone has encountered a similar situation before or has any idea in what direction we should look to solve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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