[osg-users] Show part of geometry which intersects a specific area

Ali Ozdin alinailozdin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 05:55:48 PDT 2018

Dear Hartwig and Robert, 

Thanks for your answer. I have solved the problem with Robert's advice by using clipNode. However in my geometry, there are a lot of osgText. ClipNode does not effect on the osgText; so all the text in my geometry is still seen on the screen although the text is not inside the clipBox.

How can I solve this ?

robertosfield wrote:
> Hi Ali,
> One way of constraining rendering is to use osg::ClipNode - this
> allows you to place one or more osg::ClipPlane (wrapper around
> glClipPlane).  Have a look at the osgclip example, to run it use:
> osgclip cow.osgt
> Robert.
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