[osg-users] Encoding of text files

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 01:25:26 PDT 2018

Hi Hartwig,

On 25 March 2018 at 16:58, Hartwig Wiesmann <hartwig.wiesmann at skywind.eu> wrote:
> I have coincidentally recognised (when looking at merge differences) that at least one text file (AUTHORS.txt) is encoded using ISO Latin 1. Wouldn't it be a good idea to use UTF-8 (or a different UTF encoding) for these type of files?
> Probably, AUTHORS.txt is anyway the only file where it matters (because of all the non-alphabet characters people have in their names :D).
> PS: It is not really important but as I said, just a coincidence.

There hasn't be a conscious chose for a particular encoding with the
AUTHORS.txt, this file is automatically generated for each release by
osgversion over the git generated ChangeLog

  make ChangeLog
  osgversion -r ChangeLog

It's not idea how this all works, it's pretty adhoc mechanism as there
are typos and inconsistencies in the ChangeLog that make it difficult
to generate the authors file.  I welcome others pitching in with an
improved system.  Personally I'd rather Cmake scripts tackle tasks
like this, the present C++ based parsing of ChangeLog long preceded
our use of CMake.


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