[osg-users] Render a Scene to texture

Jochen Maier franke.jochen at gmx.de
Sun Mar 18 03:12:56 PDT 2018


I want to do something like offscreen rendering.
What I want to do exactly:
I have one or more scenes (scene graphs) and one final scene.
The final scene contains a cube which has 6 different textures.
Now I have 6 different scenes (scene graphs).
I want to render all these 6 scenes in 6 textures and use this textures for the cube.

My problem is:
How is it possible to render one scene in a texture without render it in a seperatly window?

I hope you can understand my problem... because my english isn't very well^^

I've allready checked the compositeview example... but I don't understand it :/

Thank you!


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