[osg-users] Backward compatibility of osgb file through Schema

liangzhi zhou zxr12748 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 20:40:39 PDT 2018

saedrna1 wrote:
> Thanks anyway, this is in fact what I felt after looking into the code in the OutputStream code, because it seems that it changes some way to write data and add some new fields without version guard. 
> I think the only way is to write my own write callback and set to the options parameter.
> Han

I met the same issue.
I generated some mesh model by myself and tried to convert it from obj to osgb by osg3.4.1. It can only be read by osg3.4.1 and can’t by 3.5 or 3.01.
I want to put the mesh into another software for editing, so i tried to use 3.01 where the editor uses, but the new problem is the model generated by 3.01 can't be read by 3.4.
Have you solved the problem?
Could you give more details to help?


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