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> Hello Community,
> I carry this idea with me from my UNI days (which is about 20 years ago)
> and since recent it was just an idea. Over time it was even close to get
> some funding but it did not happen.
> The idea is to have virtual 3D avatar that can "speak" the sign language
> based on text or voice input. The recent technology from Google made the
> realization of  the language translation doable.
> So I am here to ask you if someone might be interested in actually make
> this happen. I personally work with an artist (friend of mine, decades of
> friendship, also worked together on various projects). And we want to do
> this opensource, based on OSG.
> All suggestions, brainstorms, hints, anything, are highly welcome!
> Cheers,
> Nick
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> trajce nikolov nick
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Before you commit significant time into this, do some state of the art
research. This topic has been done quite a few times before, including
attempts at the automatic translation:

If your goal is to bring a product to the market, there is a lot of
material there to get you started. If it is for research purposes, then you
are going to have tough time bringing some new ideas there.


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