[osg-users] Prevention of near plane culling while moving camera

Hartwig Wiesmann hartwig.wiesmann at skywind.eu
Sat Mar 10 09:02:35 PST 2018


sorry not to be precise. I actually meant clipping.

When the camera is placed perpendicular to the scene (a large plane with some objects on it) everything can be seen. If the camera is looking at the scene under an angle of 70 degrees (between look-vector and plane's normal) the lower part (or better the lower element fragments) is clipped(!).

I know it has to do with the clear/far ratio and therefore I would like to limit the camera movement. To do so I am checking if there are primitives that are going to be clipped. If this is the case I backtrack the camera.
But this leads to some flicker.

How can I implement a logarithmic z-buffer when not using shaders?

Thank you!


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