[osg-users] Synchronizing with textures uploads.

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 00:40:07 PST 2018

Hi Altin,

The ImageStream::setImage() will increment the modified count on the
Image and force an download of the data to the GPU on the next time
the Texture it's attached to is updated, so as long as you do the
update of the image before the draw traversal you should see it update
in time.

If the image doesn't appear as you'd expect then it sounds like the
draw traversal is happening just before the update.  I have no
knowledge of the code you have used to read the video image, do the
setImage, any threading used, and how this coordinates with the frame
loop so there really isn't much I can advise about how to fix things.

Would it be possible to post the code?  Or a small example that
illustrates what you are doing.


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