[osg-users] The naming of VulkanSceneGraph

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 23:32:28 PDT 2018

Jay! Another sleepiness night due to the stress of how to deal with
unplanned actions of others.  I'm not one who thrives on stress, and
not one who enjoys living off 2hrs of sleep.  I hate existing like
this, it's neither healthy for my short or long term health.

What makes things difficult is that I really care about the success of
the OpenSceneGraph and VulkanSceneGraph projects. it's important to me
that people who use them/will use them have a positive experience.
This is why I work beyond my normal working hours to make each
releases are a stable as I can get then, why I work hard to fix bugs.

Part of it is also caring about the IP side, making sure don't step on
patents, copyright or trademarks,  My poor kids have to put up with my
lecturing them on the importance of respecting copyright, not copying
music, not watching bootlegged videos, what the freedoms and
responsibilities that we have.  When it comes the OpenSceneGraph and
VulkanSceneGraph is not just an academic, when it comes to other
viewing these projects as potentially infringing it's my neck on the
line, and as I'm the primarily earner in my household, it's my family
security that is on the line too.

When things happen that on the IP front that I haven't be cleared is
seriously concerning.  It doesn't matter whether it's well
intentioned, a mis-step on this front could have significant
consequences for me and my family.  This is one area of the project
that I absolutely need full control of, we have to get it right, we
can't afford mistakes.

In this instance things have got out of my control, hopefully it's
just a benign incident, but at this point in time I have no gauge on
what the risks might be.  Managing risk is the most effective way to
manage stress, so unfortunately until I know where the chips will fall
on this one it's going to have to be something I'll have to live with
and hope for the best.  And yes, this of stress is what keeps me awake
at night.

While I've tried ti coax this thread in the right direction and away
from unplanned actions, it's happened.  I clearly wasn't direct enough
with instructions to others.  Things happened that I were unexpected
to me, I really didn't consider not being briefed before any Khronos
outreach occurred and not having the opportunity to refine wording, or
regulate the time to one that worked with my own schedule.

You can't predict everything everyone might do or not do, and at what
time,  Normally I work on the approach that sharing more information
is better than sharing less, I'm naturally open in life and source
code, it's the fabric of my being.  In this instance, going public
about the VulkanSceneGraph project so early in it's life looks to have
been a mistake.  This thread, and the mis-steps taken, would never
happened had I just quietly got on with the project, and gone public
when I had concrete answers, had a chance to approach Khronos on my
own terms and when the timing was right.

I guess we all have regrets in our careers, I just never expected that
sharing news about a new open source project would be one of them...

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