[osg-users] Build error under Windows? Need feedback from Windows users to understand issue

Daniel Emminizer, Code 5773 dan.emminizer at nrl.navy.mil
Wed Jun 27 04:32:30 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

I can vouch that it compiles on MSVC 2015, MSVC 2010, and g++ 4.4.  I did not test 2012 or 2013, since I figured 2010 and 2015 ought to cover (2015 is _MSC_VER 1900).  I only tested 64 bit variants.  I do not have MSVC 2017 to test against.

I am also not familiar with the code in question, and we don't directly use the osga plugin  in our software so I'm not sure how to test beyond ensuring that it compiles.  So it does compile and doesn't break my system, that I can tell.

Hope this helps some.

 - Dan

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> Hi All,
> A PR has just been placed on the openscenegraph github repository:
>     https://github.com/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/pull/567
> I am bit surprised by the need for this PR as I had assumed that the
> code base was being rested pretty well under Windows with all the
> recent stable release work.
> I have asked for the author of the PR for clarification.
> I would like to know form the Windows experts in the community about
> whether this PR is perfectly fine, or there is some simpler resolution
> for this users build combination.
> As I'm about to make a 3.6.2 I obviously want the code base to be in
> place where it's compiling well for a broad range of users, I'm also
> keenly aware that a build fix for one user could be a build break for
> many others so am super cautious at this point in time.
> Robert.
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