[osg-users] osgmovie - ffmpeg or Gstreamer

Andrea Martini martini.andrea at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 06:16:52 PDT 2018

Hi Filippe,
after some hours of disperate fighting against gstreamer pipeline, here the pipeline that works for play video and audio (mp4) in a correct way:

gchar *string = g_strdup_printf("filesrc location=%s ! qtdemux name=demux demux.video_0 ! queue ! video/x-h264 ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,format=RGB ! appsink name=sink emit-signals=true  demux.audio_0 ! queue! faad ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! autoaudiosink  ", filename.c_str());

I don't know if it is the right way, but it works for me. I modified GStreamerImageStream.cpp  , GStreamerImageStream::open  method.

Thank you!


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