[osg-users] Announcement: VulkanSceneGraph and SceneGraphTestBed!

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 10:15:52 PDT 2018

On Thu, 21 Jun 2018 at 17:25, Scott Bailey <Bailey at insanegenius.org> wrote:

> Regarding smart pointers, Boost Libs has a mature implementation that
> includes intrusive_ptr<>.  Adding another dependency is, of course, a mixed
> bag; however, if you go header only with boost libs it's reasonable.
> For my projects, I have found one advantage of Boost is how often it's
> libraries migrate themselves into the standard.  There are quite a few
> other libraries in Boost I use regularly, including threading and
> filesystem.  Just something to think about.

Just to be clear.  I have *no* intention of making Boost a dependency, ever.

I am perfectly fine with users adding whatever dependencies they want for
their own projects but the VulkanSceneGraph will be focused on keeping the
dependencies to a minimum, Vulkan and C++11 (possibly later) and perhaps
native windowing.

If the standard committee do decide something is worth adopting from Boost
then at that time that I'll consider using that feature, but even then it
has to justify itself.

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