[osg-users] OSG in Gtk3 GLArea

Mean Taipan osgforum at tevs.eu
Mon Jun 4 07:31:35 PDT 2018

Thanks for the reply.  Don't know what I said to deserve the introductory put-down, but anyway if my only reasonable choice is to

> How to get around it, on the OSG side the only thing you'll be able to
> do with a GTK created core profile GL context is build it against
> GLCORE from the ground up and just uses shaders in your application
> like you now have to do under OSX.

then please clarify a few things:

There are no direct openGL calls in my app; I rely on OSG to render the models and that's it (and of course I don't know what Gtk does under the covers).  So I'm not sure how using just shaders in my program is relevant.  Aren't there default ones?  Do I need to enable some as a replacement for where I used to glBegin/End?  If so, where is the best place to start reading about it?

I did build the latest stable OSG from source, but I would appreciate if you could point to the appropriate documentation for "building against GLCore from scratch".  Hopefully it's just some magic -D compiler options.

At present, I am actually trying a work-around which is to render to a texture or pbuffer, with a context created by OSG, then basically copy that over to the normal 2D engine like Cairo.  Inefficient, but it may work OK for us since the 3D display is not full-screen.

John (since my randomly selected pseudonym makes it impossible for you to treat me as anything but an idiot, please, go ahead and call me 'John'.)

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