[osg-users] How to track down memory leaks?

Igor Spiridonov igwasm at rambler.ru
Fri Jul 13 09:25:18 PDT 2018

Thank you Wojtek for your help.

But as I see it's not so simple. In my program some objects in Update function have ref count 2 but some(surprise, surprise) 1. And memory consumption growing steadily and constantly. The interesting objects those that use vbo. If I set all objects to use display lists then no visible memory leaks. I almost lost my hair and broke my head trying to figure out what's wrong with my program.

Looks like objects are disposed at different time and more objects disposed later. It's not pleasant to deal with such thing at all. You are not sure if it's a real memleak or just feature. I have object pools and they solve this issue but they complicate code. I'd like to get rid of them but I'm still not sure.

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