[osg-users] Straight lines are broken during rotation

Adrian Jelffs adrian.jelffs at makai.com
Sat Jan 27 14:28:57 PST 2018

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your help. The big problem is that whenever you Google an issue as Z Fighting, a trillion results appear about somebodies similar issue in a forum which usually ends up in the answer being "it is probably z fighting, there are many answers on the internet if you Google it" :)

After several days of Googling I have gathered very little information. There is a distinct lack of examples available on the internet and I am yet to find a single site which can explain to me what each of the settings such as DO_NOT_COMPUTE_NEAR_FAR, COMPUTE_NEAR_FAR_USING_PRIMITIVES etc actually does.

For my own particular problem I found that the following link was the most helpful so far:


This explained to me some of the issues associated with Z fighting and that I can't make my fustrum as big as I want it to be. I then found, mainly by trial and error, that the setting COMPUTE_NEAR_FAR_USING_PRIMITIVES works the best in my situation. I am yet to find any documentation that tells me how to set the "primitives". Is there actually a location on the internet that has documentation about OSG as opposed to API definitions or forum questions?

Many thanks for your help.


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