[osg-users] Help! New to OSG

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 01:44:19 PST 2018

Hi Julie,

On 23 January 2018 at 20:30, Julie McCartney
<julianne.mccartney at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you so much for your reply! I haven't been this frustrated with software since I used the first release version of zbrush! Haha! I've told them before that OSG isn't very user (or artist should I say) friendly. I've got textures to show up and things to appear nicely which is a plus!

The OSG wont' be user friendly for artists because it's not a tool for
artists, it's a tool for programmers.

Using an off the shelf binary for a very old dev release of the OSG
won't provide you with the best experience.  For your workflow you
really need to have a modern version of the OSG built against FBX.
For programmers this just requires one to assemble the dependencies
and build the OSG, which is a bit of leg work but all part of normal

> If I attached my toy robot file, would anyone be able to animate the back of the robots winding key to turn? That's all I need i think, just to give them SOME animation. They seem to understand the huge hurdles but want just...SOMETHING lol.

No attachment came through I'm afraid.  New folk on the forum need to
be approved for attaching files - this is required to stop spammers
and bad actors seeding virus etc. This does mean that moderators will
have to get round to this.

Alternatively just post a link to the file, or use the osg-users
mailing list that dual with the forum.

> I've shown them robust unity examples and they still would rather go this route because someone somewhere picked OSG.

Unit and the OSG are very different beasts, Unity is high level, OSG
is low level in comparison.  The OSG has greater flexibility and power
for programmers that have skills to use it, which may be why the OSG
was chosen over Unity.  However, it's for programmers, to use the
power of the OSG you'll need to use software tools to build your
applications, and may well need to build the OSG with the dependencies
that best suit the task you are tackling.

I don't personally work under Windows, so can't provide binaries for
Windows myself, and have to rely upon members of the OSG/Windows
community to do this. Perhaps they can help by pointing you are a set
of binaries of the OSG that are built against FBX and Collada.

Or just dive in and start building the OSG yourself.


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