[osg-users] Help! New to OSG

Julie McCartney julianne.mccartney at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 10:52:45 PST 2018

You'll have to excuse my confusion. OSG is very difficult for me to understand. I'm using the command prompt:  "osgviewer.exe  [objectname].ive "

to view my osgs on my screen. Would I type "osganimationviewer.exe" to see the animations? I've never had to use this before and would much rather use unity for AR but the company that contracted me wanted to use osg instead but they have no one who can help me understand this program so everything is very confusing for me. I've got 10 years experience in 3ds max, maya, zbrush...and this osg process makes me feel confused and dumb lol. 

Can anyone just give me a step by step of what to type into the command prompt when using this version of osg that i downloaded from the website: "OpenSceneGraph-3.1.0-VS9.0.30729-x86-release-12752"

Theres no program that im opening to see the OSGs its just purely command prompt stuff.

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