[osg-users] [build] CMake fails to find latest FBX SDK for iOS

Alessandro Terenzi a.terenzi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 01:45:50 PST 2018

found out that current version of FindFBX.cmake does not manage to find the FBX SDK version 2018.1.1 specifically for iOS.

To my understanding the reasons are:

1) the FBX_LIBDIR is not set to any of the real folders used for the iOS/simulator distribution, which are "ios-armv7" and "ios-386"

2) if we search for FBX_LIBNAME such as "libfbxsdk" (without ".a") CMake fails to find the library (I'm using CMake version 3.10.2) even if I explicitly set the extensions that it should look for

3) the FBX_SEARCH_PATH is missing "/Applications/Autodesk/FBX SDK/2018.1.1"

My proposal:

A) add the correct folders to search into
B) add the ".a" extension at least for iOS to the lib base name 
C) add the missing "/Applications/Autodesk/FBX SDK/2018.1.1" to FBX_SEARCH_PATH

I've already my modifications ready, if you agree I can send a pull request.


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