[osg-users] disabled lighting after migration

Sebastian Schmidt herrdersuppen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 04:54:37 PST 2018

My scene contains a node, a RTT drawable with custom camera like in the osgprerender example.
The drawable is initialized and rendered after i set up the compositeviewer/mastercamera during runtime via a osgDB::ReaderWriter plugin.
In the drawable's drawImplementation() function i do lot of glEnable/glDisable calls.

After migration from osg 3.0.1 to 3.4.1 my whole scene is rendered with disabled lighting
and when i try to reactivate lighting with pressing "L" only a very small part of my scene is affected.

I have already fixed culling problem by calling setGlobalDefaults() for my custom cameras, but i don't how to fix this. Maybe it has something to do with changes in render states/orders.

OSG Version: 3.0.1
OS: OpenSuse Leap 42.1

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