[osg-users] Help! New to OSG

Julie McCartney julianne.mccartney at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 08:05:27 PST 2018


I'm not sure if this goes here so please let me know. 

I'm having trouble making textures and animation appear in my OSG and IVE files. A client of mine is trying to use OSG to create some AR. 

I've created geometry in 3ds max and output it as an obj. Now I know that animation doesn't carry over with an obj, but the texture definitely should. I'm using a 256 texture of a flat color CMYK square for testing. 3ds max spits out an MTL file which ive tried to load into my OSG conversion folder with the obj but that seems to mess the obj conversion up, so I only load in the jpeg texture. 

Next I tried to use a 3ds file, but that came out terribly.

Is there any way I can animate and texture using 3ds max and export all of that and successfully convert to an osg/ive? I've tried everything, and DAE and FBX files sound promising but I can't figure out how to convert them over.

Please help!



Thank you!


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