[osg-users] Question about OSG rasterisation relevant questions.

Zachary1234 poweruserm at live.com.au
Tue Dec 25 18:41:57 PST 2018

I just wanted to know so that I am aware if  need to instantiate class object separately and submit them, or if this "faculties" of the rendering pipeline are already inside, behind the scenes, automatically.

-I had guessed that rear face culling was something inside, and automatic.

-I take it to be the case that pre-draw coincidence occlusion doesn't happen at all, and that towards a camera, things are just draw over things, certainly to start, by default.  Is this much true?

-There is a 2D user interface widgets package that now comes as part of OSG.  IS this just an inclusion of wxwidgets?  What is is the name of this toolkit?

Happy New Year, and thanks for the answers!

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