[osg-users] SIGGRAPH BOF Summary

John Richardson richards at spawar.navy.mil
Wed Aug 22 15:06:29 PDT 2018


The BOF was a success and well attended. I will post a photo of smiling

Robert's slides were presented. The attendees consensus was that they were
more interested in Robert's thought's on the Vulcan future. His slides gave
some thoughts and some metrics on some preliminary tests that were very
nice. The slides on how OSG will still be supported was pleasing to the

Steve Satterfield from NIST gave some results of a concrete simulation
versus real physical tests visualizing via OSG. The simulation was on a
supercomputer cluster at NIST I believe.

David presented his "Wally Pack" which is a backpack VR/AR affordable and
rugged solution using Windows Mixed Reality SDK [Hololens HMD I believe].


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