[osg-users] [osgPlugins] osgconv osgjs bug file not found

Sid Kerling memory.thrasher at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 23:46:30 PDT 2018


Apologies if this is not the right place for bug reports.

I am trying to convert a model in osgjs format with an external, merged binary file to obj. Textures, transparency, vertex colors etc. are irrelevant; all I care about is the shape. Unfortunately, osgconv reports "file not found." I reproduced this issue with the cow sample from the OpenSceneGraph-Data git repo (after converting it to osgjs, bouncing off of obj because osg to osgjs is also apparently broken).


$ ls
cow.osg Images

$ osgconv -O 'useExternalBinaryArray mergeAllBinaryFiles' cow.osg cow.frosg.osgjs
options useExternalBinaryArray mergeAllBinaryFiles
Fatal nb colors 1 != 7772
can't save osgjs file
Unable to write to output stream

$ osgconv -O 'useExternalBinaryArray mergeAllBinaryFiles' cow.osg cow.obj
Data written to 'cow.obj'.

$ osgconv -O 'useExternalBinaryArray mergeAllBinaryFiles' cow.obj cow.osgjs
options useExternalBinaryArray mergeAllBinaryFiles
TypedArray Uint16Array cow.bin 34.0078 kb
TypedArray Float32Array cow.bin 38.5195 kb
TypedArray Float32Array cow.bin 25.6797 kb
TypedArray Float32Array cow.bin 38.5195 kb
Use a merged binary file 4096 mb
Data written to 'cow.osgjs'.

$ ls
cow.bin cow.frosg.osgjs cow.mtl cow.obj cow.osg cow.osgjs Images

$ osgconv cow.osgjs cow_out.osg
Error reading file cow.osgjs: file not found
Error no data loaded.

$ osgconv cow.osgjs cow_out.ogj
Error reading file cow.osgjs: file not found
Error no data loaded.


Since you do not distribute binary releases, I can only test my local compilation, so it could theoretically be a problem with my build environs. I get identical results in two test environs: cygwin on win7 x64 and gcc on ubuntu 16 x64. 

Thank you!


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