[osg-users] [customizing manipulator] problem with delta mouse pos

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 08:20:04 PDT 2018

ok, i misinterpreted eventqueue::mouseWarped which in fact is not an event..
so no there's nothin strange in how it's manage and my problem comes from somewhere elsewhere..

So I'll try to be concise
-I derive my manip  from FirstPersonManipulator
-i override handle and performMovement:
   in handle I store only last evt time and warpmousepointer to window center
   in performaction i remove from dx dy substraction of  lastevt.getXnormalized()  (as it's in theory 0,0 after warprequest) and pass dx,dy to FirstPersonManipulator::performMovementLeftMouseButton

It seams to work for small mouse moves but when I make larger mouse movement i get lost. It look like  the where numerical drift in the transformation from normalized screen to Euler Angle...or something..

I can post the code but if someone already experience the problem it would be welcome 


robertosfield wrote:
> Hi Julian,
> On 23 April 2018 at 20:13, Julien Valentin <> wrote:
> > I'm beginning the implementation of my own StandardManipulator
> > and would like to make a classic fps controller.
> > So mouse must stay centered all delta mouse pos be captured
> > However I found out that requestWarpPointer posts a wrapMouse event both in Viewer and GraphicWindows implementations.
> > it leads to duplication of the event (which is not so bad) but more dramatic, it prevent to recenter mouse without trigger an osgevent.
> > Is it a desired behavior?
> > 
> Yes.  If the mouse moves you want objects that depend upon mouse
> position to wake up to the fact that it's moved using an event.
> I can't work out what the problem you are having.
> Robert.
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