[osg-users] render to a texure bound to an FBO and re-generate mipmaps every frame

Julius Ziegler ziegler at atlatec.de
Tue Apr 10 13:27:58 PDT 2018

Hello Robert,

thank you for your reply.

I will try to put together a minimal example that people can test.

Note that I do not suspect this to be a bug in OSG at all. I assume that 
points "1" and "2" that I describe are probably the well defined, 
absolutely normal behaviour that OSG exhibits. I just hope that there is 
a work around, e.g. by exploiting the callback mechanism.

Thanks again,

On 04/10/2018 10:06 PM, Robert Osfield wrote:
> Hi Julius,
> There isn't much we can do to help at this stage as you don't provide
> any information about the hadware, OS, driver, OSG version, all we
> know is that you are using a render to texture technique and there is
> some issue with mipmapping and some unspecified hardware, OS and OSG
> version.  We don't have your sofftware, data or hardware configuration
> to test against.
> It could be a driver bug, it could be a scene graph set up issue, it
> could be a data problem, it could be an OSG  bug, at this stage that's
> all anyone could say with the information provided.
> The most productive way for others to help would be if you could
> provide a small test program that illustrates the problem so that
> others can run this test on their own systems to see if problem
> appears, this then should shine more light on the nature of the
> problem and give us a better chance of getting a solution.  Sometimes
> issues like this turn out to hardware/driver/OS specific so wider
> testing can show this.  If it's a OSG bug then we can then use this a
> unit test for testing any fixes that will be made.
> Failing a means to tests things ourselves, the only workaround I an
> suggest is to not using mipmapping on the texture you are rendering
> to.
> Robert.
> On 10 April 2018 at 20:45, Julius Ziegler <ziegler at atlatec.de> wrote:
>> Dear OSG-friends,
>> I currently have a scene graph set up where a pre-render camera renders
>> content to a texture via an FBO, and the main camera uses this texture to
>> texture a quad with it. This works, in principle.
>> However I need mipmapping for that texture, and all but the 0th mipmap level
>> of the texture are empty.
>> With an apitracer, I found out that the glGenerateMipMap call happens
>> 1. only in the first frame (but I want it to be called every frame).
>> 2. before any draw calls towards the FBO (but I want it after the draw
>> calls).
>> I tried to inject a glGenerateMipMap via a DrawCallback which I attached to
>> the quad, and which just extends the original draw implementation
>> (glGenerateMipMap immediately before the original draw implementation).
>> With the apitracer, I validated that, at the position where I injected the
>> glGenerateMipMap
>> a. the correct texture is bound
>> b. the frame buffer is un-bound.
>> But glGenerateMipMap just seg'faults. Because of the seg'fault (I mean we
>> are all used to GL_ERRORS, but seg'faults?) I suspected a driver issue, but
>> I tried it on an alternative platform (one is Intel Graphics, one is Nvidia,
>> both on Linux). Both to the same result.
>> Can you please help? Maybe I overlooked a simple osg-ish way to achieve this
>> (maybe I just have to set something dirty()?)
>> Thanks!
>> Julius
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