[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.6.0 stable release is tagged!

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 11:56:05 PDT 2018

Hi All,

It's finally happened folks, finally tagged the OpenSceneGraph-3.6.0
stable release.  Without doubt our best release ever, better features,
so many feature improvements and bug fixes.  It's a beast, I'm really
chuffed with it :-)

Official news page for the release:

Github tag:

My best attempt at summarising the main changes is:

  * OpenThreads::Affinity introduced to enable setting of processor
affinity on viewer and database threads
  * osgText rewritten to improve visual quality, add signed distance
field support and full GLES2/3 and GL3/4 support
  * Added VertexArrayObject support, enable full OpenGL Core Profile
support under OSX.
  * Added OpenCASCADE plugin
  * Added STEP (.stp) plugin
  * Improvements to FBX and COLLADA loaders
  * Improvements to gles plugin to provide better Sketchfab support
  * Added osgemscripten example
  * Improvements to osgAnimation
  * NodeVisitor ValueMap for storing values that can be stored and
accessed across frames, such as update, event and cull traversals
  * ShapeDrawable rewritten as an osg::Geometry to improve performance
and flexibility
  * Added osg::MultiDrawArrays support
  * Added osgdeferred example that illustrates how to implement
deferred rendering
  * Added MultiDrawIndirect support
  * Moved glDispatchCompute control out of osg::Program into a
dedicated osg::DispatchCompute class to improve control of compute
  * KdTree support added for PolytopeIntersector, and ability to work
with points, lines and polygons
  * osgQt has been moved out to it's own dedicated osgQt github repository
  * CMake build support for iOS bitcode builds
  * CoverityScan testing introduced, fixes bring defect density to 0.0
per 1,0000 lines of code!
  * Support for Codedoc automated documentation
  * Support for Travis automated build system

There is just so much more in there as well, but I don't think you all
want me full including details of the thousands of commits between 3.4
and 3.6, that;s what the ChangeLog is for :-)

Huge thanks to the many contributors to new features, help with
debugging and bug/build fixes, and round after round of testing.

Have fun with our newly minted beast :-)

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