[osg-users] Migration to a new forum/ML server and technology

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 11:27:33 PST 2017

Hi Chris,

On 20 November 2017 at 19:04, Chris Hanson <xenon at alphapixel.com> wrote:
> Alternately, we could probably pick up and move the current forum software
> to different hosting. I don't use the actual forum so I'm not aware of what
> issues it might be having that might need fixing, or if it should just be
> dumped entirely.

The forum has long been been under strain from the need for moderation
and moderation being tackled by too few people.  We've done quite a
few calls for help but over the last years the only one to properly
step up to the plate and help out is Sebastian.  The forum is also
hosted on a server we don't have access to and is there through
benevolence of Art Tev's, he can't maintain it forever though.

We moving from the existing forum sever I also want to tackle the
moderator issue - we can't have members of the community having their
time sucked up with admin duties if we can avoid it. As much as
possible we should be coding and communicating with each other rather
than chasing admin tasks.

I also feel that the community isn't busy as it once was, we are well
established project now, we don't have quite the same seat of the
pants/trying to keep ahead of the big wave that we once had when 30 or
40 posts a day were the norm.  Given a quieter community I think the
overheads associated with maintaining the forum should be come down
proportionally, if we can make the need for moderators a thing of past
then this would be a good step forward.


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