[osg-users] [ANN] Job Opportunity: Realtime 3D Computer Graphic Engineer (web/osgjs)

Alessandro Terenzi a.terenzi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 07:57:40 PST 2017

Hello dear OSG-community, I'm posting a job call on behalf of my company, please read the details below and get in touch if you are interested. 

Job description


Inglobe Technologies is a leading company that develops Software and Solutions that enable the creation of Smart and Augmented Environments. Inglobe is the developer of the popular Augmented Reality (AR) platforms ARmedia, Hyperspaces, HyperIndustry and ARmedia SDK. With more than 60.000 registered users worldwide and +1.230.000 total installs of mobile apps, Inglobe provides AR solutions and software to different market segments, including Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Avionics and Aerospace, Medical & Healthcare, Process Industry, Manufacturing, Media & Publishing, Cultural Heritage and Education. More on the company here: http://www.inglobetechnologies.com.


Position: Realtime 3D Computer Graphic Engineer (web)

Kind of Position: Full Time

Kind of Contract: Permanent Contract by the Italian Law

Other options: we also consider professional collaborations with different contracts (e.g. Partita IVA holders)

Requisite: remunerated trial period: 1-2 months

Place: the resource will be employed in one of the following company offices in Italy: Ceccano, Rome, Milan


We are seeking an experienced software engineer with 3D computer graphics skills especially related to web technologies. This engineer will work primarily on custom virtual and augmented reality web applications supposed to run smoothly on the most used browsers.


Develop Highly Interactive and Advanced 3D Applications

Collaborate with the Project Team to deliver quality code on schedule


B.S in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field (Preferred)


1+ years experience with 3D technologies for the Web

1+ years of development of 3D real-time applications is a PLUS

1+ years Unity3D is a PLUS

1+ year experience with any AR SDK or Authoring Tool is a PLUS


Design and analysis of software components

Reliable time management and task estimation

Programming Patterns

Knowledge of Windows and Mac OS X operating systems

Knowledge of Real-time 3D Computer Graphics concepts and methods

Good to excellent Three.js skills

Good to excellent PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and bash scripting skills

Good to excellent OpenGL/OpenSceneGraph/GLSL skill

Design and implementation of modern and effective GUI


C/C++ programming skills

Good to excellent iOS/Android Programming Skills

Knowledge of Computer Vision concepts and Libraries

Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts and Libraries


English Fluent (both written and spoken)

Good communication and relational capabilities

Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, or Portuguese is a plus


Besides the above, we are seeking for individuals who are also:

Autonomous, i.e. you are able to solve problems autonomously without relying on the help of anybody else thanks to a strong attitude toward careful reflection and research

Creative, i.e. when you face a new problem you do not limit yourself to experiment just with the existing solutions, instead you find a new solution that possibly integrates and improves, if it does not totally replace, the existent

Open-minded, i.e. it is normal for you to offer your best contribution to the team even if this might require others to change their mindset; on the other hand it is normal for you to accept constructive criticism from others when it is meant to improve the quality of the outcomes

Pragmatic, i.e. you work to reach the goals and aim at resolving a problem efficiently without getting lost in its many possible ramifications unnecessarily

Problem Solver, i.e. you are not scared by new problems and challenges; on the contrary they exalt your capability to solve them

Collaborative, i.e. when you deal with a complex problem you are willing to collaborate with others in finding a solution; not only you offer your contribution, but you are always ready to review your ideas and work anytime when necessary

Accurate, i.e. your job is always carried out and described in a synthetic and as complete as possible way

Curious, i.e. you are always seeking new information and you like learning new things

Traveler, i.e. traveling around the globe does not scare you, on the contrary it stimulates you

If you recognize yourself in the profile above then you could be the ideal candidate!

Applications can be sent to  or through LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/504568916/.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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