[osg-users] Migration to a new forum/ML server and technology

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 04:30:43 PST 2017

Hi All,

Our forum has been limping along for quite a few years now, the server
it's presently on is one we need to migrate away from so we need to
decide what to do about what we do for the forum/ML going forward.

We have the dreamhost server that presently hosts the website and the
osg-users and osg-submissions mailing list.  The source code is now
host on github and this is now running smoothly and means largely that
osg-submissions is far less used so potentially we could close it and
just use osg-users for the occasional submission that doesn't come via
github PR's.

The osg-users ML has been working away pretty reliably so there isn't
any pressing need to migrate like we forum.  Whatever we migrate the
forum to I'd like to maintain ability for posts to be cross posted - I
simply don't have the time to go spreading myself a Mailing List and
forum to do community support, also having info spread across two
mediums just isn't go for keeping track the various community

I'm writing this post as a call for feedback/suggestions as to what
route we could following going forward for the forum and ML
integration.  Whatever the final solution will be it'll need to
minimize the cost of supporting the tech on the server and moderating

As a fallback one possibility would be to just get all present forum
users to join the googlegroups OpenSceneGraph that currently mirrors
the osg-users mailing list:


The advantage of googleroups is that already has all our history in a
searchable form and is ready to go.  The disadvantage is that it's
part of the google...

So let me know your thoughts of what solutions might be viable.


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