[osg-users] Call for assistance: Migrating and updating tutorials

Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Sun Nov 19 13:18:31 PST 2017

Hi Robert et al,

As said earlier, I have started to experiment with GitHub pages. I discovered that it was hard to support both single-page and multi-page documents using markdeep (since its limited support for included documents). So having a single-page and multi-page document at the same time will not work unless everything is in a completely flat directory structure, which will be unmaintainable. So I decided to go with a multi-page solution.

I have pushed the current work to a personal repo on GitHub. You can checkout the result at: 

And the corresponding repo is here:

So far I have built a test skeleton for tutorials. This includes a draft version of the table of contents and simple introduction tutorial to see if my test is working. I have included a CMakeList.txt file in the root directory which can be used to generate build files for the tutorials. 

The only available tutorial as of now is "Basic Geometry".

But before I continue with any more work I would like some community feedback. There are many questions that I think should be answered:

* Is this a tutorial format worth pursuing? 
* Is Markdeep the right choice?
* Is CCBY and MIT licenses that should be used for this project?
* What C++ standard should the source code be written in (my suggestion is C++98 for maximum compatibility)?

Note: This should not be seen as anything more than a very rough draft of how tutorials on GitHub pages could look like. If the community agrees that this is the way forward I will continue the work, as well as transfer the repository to the main OpenSceneGraph GitHub account. 


Read this topic online here:

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