[osg-users] How to set the near clip only?

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Tue May 23 10:01:40 PDT 2017

Hello friends,

I would like to configure the OSG CullVisitor to automatically calculate
the far plane, but to use a manually selected near plane.

Things I have tried include:

- Cull callback that reads and updates the projection matrix with my near
plane value
- Cull callback that calls CullVisitor::setCalculatedNearPlane()
- ClampProjectionMatrixCallback that sets the near plane to my value
- Disabled osg::CullSettings::NEAR_PLANE_CULLING

None of these work. In all cases, the near plane ends up where I set it,
but the culling of Drawables has already happened, and my custom near plane
has no effect. I'd appreciate any pro tips.

Glenn Waldron
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