[osg-users] Multi-pass rendering segfault issue

Qiaokun Lefei 2285190990 at qq.com
Mon May 15 03:36:22 PDT 2017


I'm trying to do the folowing : 

In the Ubantu10.04 system, with dual graphics cards GTX1080TI, I run an osg program just renderring a cow with 4-multi-channels. 
I just change the osg version from 3.0.0 to 3.52. If I press the key 's' to see the frame rate under the newer version, it have a greate chace to exist a segment fault and a lot of warnings "Warning:detected OpenGL error 'invalid operation' after RenderBin::draw()" immediately appeared in the terminal.
I also try the osg3.4.0 version, the same segfault appeared.
Has anyone else experienced this issue? 

Thank you!


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