[osg-users] OSG 3.4.0 exception in Drawable::flushAllDeletedDisplayLists on nVidia

Andrew Cunningham andrewC at mac.com
Fri Mar 10 11:47:06 PST 2017

When I delete a view that has a complex geometry ( many OSG objects)  I am getting an exception inside the nVidia driver at the line


- Less complex geometry does not show the issue. 
- I have installed the latest nVidia Quadro driver( Win 7, 64-bit)
- It is 100% reproducible
- When running on a different type of nVidia card (GeForce vs. Quadro) I do not see the problem.

I have checked the s_deletedDisplayListCache data structure and I have about 3300 display lists in the data structure before the deletion starts. The display list id values look fine ( not garbage). 

I hate to blame the driver, but ????
Was wondering if anyone had encountered a similar issue?


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