[osg-users] Up to date tutorials for linux

Rodrigo Dias rodrigo1406 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 13:57:33 PST 2017

Hi everybody,

I'm tyring to compile your tutorials on the wiki (can't send the links yet, this is my second post). I'm having some strange "Segmentation faults" that appear some times, disappear other times. I think it may be because these examples are rather old (8~9 years).

I'm using the latest Code::Blocks (16.01) for Debian Jessie, with GNU GCC Compiler.

Without clear instructions for Linux starters, I first downloaded the OpenSceneGraph-3.4.0.zip. Then I unzipped it and tried to compile using make/cmake. No success. Then I tried sudo apt-get install libopenscenegraph-dev openscenegraph. Not sure if the first is in conflict with the second, or where to find the proper libraries, includes, etc.

If you do a FREE, OPEN SOURCE project, I think you should have more Tutorials other than Windows and Mac OS. I will post some broken links as long as I'm allowed.

Thank you!


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