[osg-users] Travis builds breaking due to timeouts

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 01:31:03 PDT 2017

Hi Robert,
If you're referring to fails of travis with the pr i've done 2 days ago. I think the reason is that I asked to much to travis:
3 prs x 3 builts = 9 jobs requests in less than 1H for the osg account
It yields very low prioritized processes on the travis-side that leads to timeout.
Travis is a free service so I'm not surprised of this kind of behavior.

I don't know if the 3 builds/pr are mandatories in order to ensure continuous integration but removing one build config should yield less time-out from travis...


robertosfield wrote:
> Hi All,
> Unfortunately our Travis builds have been failing recently due to timeouts:
> https://travis-ci.org/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/builds
> In the past we've had problems with the OSX builds breaking due to
> timeouts and resolution to this was to disable builds of the OSG whole
> OSG to avoid timing out.
> This timeout issue was originally not an issue for the Linux build,
> but now this build is the one that is failing. Looking at PR's I've
> merged to the .travis.yml my best guess is that originally the OSG
> examples weren't part of the build.
> Given a timeout leads to a build error when no code error exists it
> longer has value as a gauge of how the code base is doing we need to
> resolve it.  As a quick first step I'll disable the build of the OSG
> examples to see if that helps. This isn't idea though.
> Thoughts and suggestions?
> Robert.
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