[osg-users] Using Geometry with packed vertex arrays

Ravi Mathur ravidavi at utexas.edu
Mon Mar 27 08:20:41 PDT 2017

Aha, you're right I should have said "interleaved". No wonder I wasn't finding much info, I was using the wrong term! :) Now I see past posts by Robert and others discussing interleaved arrays. I'll stick with my current approach of copying the data into separate OSG arrays and deallocate the source interleaved array.

Thanks Julien!

mp3butcher wrote:
> Hi
> I think you're using "packed" instead of "interleaved"..
> interleaved arrays aren't support by osg. You'll have to create your Drawable::DrawCallback (and perhaps your own Drawable subclass) in order to do it.
> Cheers

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