[osg-users] Please test OpenSceneGraph master in prep for 3.5.6 dev release

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 10:27:16 PDT 2017

HI Li,

My best guess is that the first cut of fallback shaders I've added for
GLES2/GLES3 and GL3core are being enabled accidentally for some
reason.  These shaders shaders are add in the
StateSet::setGlobalDefaults() method implementation found in
OpenSceneGraph/src/osg/StateSet.cpp.  Could you put an #if 0 #endif
around all the shader code in StateSet::setGlobalDefaults(), do a
build and see if that restores the rendering back to normal.

These fallback shaders are there just to make sure there users see
something on screen when no fixed function pipeline isn't available.
I'm currently working on a experimental shader_pipeline branch of the
OSG that has support for intergrating #pragmat(ic) shader composition
with fixed function StateAttribute to get pure shader based builds to
work in the same way as fixed function systems so that old fixed
function based models work in shaders without problems and no need for
generating shaders manually.

For this dev release that shader_pipeline work won't be merged, I was
hoping that the fallback shaders in OSG master wouldn't affect
standard OSG builds, if it isn't I'll need to have a look at how the
#idef's are all put together.


On 24 March 2017 at 16:15, Li Chi <s12345uperman at sohu.com> wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>>> What CMake build options did you select when building?
> I'm using the default OPENGL and OSG options, please see the attached file.
>>> What type of hardware and drivers are you using?
> Display Driver: Intel HD 530 and Nvidia GTX 970m, and I got the same results.
> I simply run: osgViewer.exe cow.osg
>>> Do any of the OSG examples work? Does stats work?
> Stats work fine.
> Other examples can normally startup, but the result pictures are same as the previous post.
>>> Do previous versions of the OSG work OK?
> Last week's version(master branch) works fine.
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Li
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