[osg-users] Up to date tutorials for linux

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Mar 2 07:03:06 PST 2017

"Rodrigo Dias" writes:

> Hi Robert,
>> Building under linux/unix is explained in the OpenSceneGraph/README 
> Right. But you also has a link at Documentation | Platform Specific |
> Linux. I thought everything platform specific would be there, but it
> wasn't, so I went to other sources (before remembering the README),
> and did the apt-get install, which scrambled my installation. Maybe
> you could add that part to that menu?

1. It should not be possible to "scramble" an installation by installing
packages with apt.  I usually compile the latest version having
simultaneously installed Debian's 3.4.

2. I think you have followed incorrectly the instructions: it says run

apt-get build-dep openscenegraph

and not 

apt-get install openscenegraph

the point is to have all the dependencies that OSG relies on installed
on your system instead of having to compile or install them manually
yourself, with I see it is giving you additional problems.


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