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michael kapelko kornerr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 09:16:48 PDT 2017


TL;DR Sample OpenSceneGraph application in Web:
Give it a try!

-- Official --

I've finished my work on the OpenSceneGraph cross-platform guide:

It contains step-by-step instructions with screenshots how to build
and run sample OpenSceneGraph application under the following
* Linux
* macOS
* Windows
* Android
* iOS
* Web

It also contains YouTube and downloadable (MP4) videos depicting every step.

I hope this guide fills the gap of good cross-platform documentation
for OpenSceneGraph.
I plan to maintain it and update whenever something changes in the
build process. Drop me a line if anything becomes outdated and/or I
have missed it.

-- Personal --

Last year once I got the first taste of my own game editor results (
opengamestudio.org ), I realized supporting only desktop in 2017 is a
no-go. So I started to research Android support.
Since OpenSceneGraph Android samples are of pre-AndroidStudio era and
I was a newbie in Android native development, I spent literally
several months trying to get OpenSceneGraph render under Android.
Then came iOS and Web, which were just a piece of cake, compared to Android.
I realized that there may be many people who waste as many months just
to get OpenSceneGraph to mobile and web. That's why I decided to share
the knowledge in the form of detailed tutorials with screenshots and
videos of the whole process.

I hope this saves you precious time!

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