[osg-users] Does osgb file has compatible issues with older osg versions?

Han Hu huhan8807 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 05:01:30 PDT 2017


I have developed an triangle mesh editing software, the data edited are a pagedlod data in osgb format. And I have used the latest development release to save the output in osgb. The accompanying osgViewer is capable to open my exported data. 

However, my target software to use my data is a commercial software, called skyline, it uses an older version of osg, the osg80 seen from the dll name. And it fails to open the exported data.

So my question is, if there is any issues with the osgb format that breaks the compatibility? If so, is there any options to export an compatible osgb format?

P.S. the input before my editing is both good to be open in my software and skyline. 

Thank you!


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