[osg-users] OSG on Hololens

Uwe Woessner woessner at hlrs.de
Mon Jul 31 00:47:15 PDT 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get OpenSceneGraph to run on the Hololens.

The status so far is that I successfully compiled OpenSceneGraph with 
angle and was able to render a cube in stereo (using instanced rendering).
Now I want to proceed further and port my application which currently 
uses fixed function pipeline to the Hololens.

What do you think is the most promising way to go forward?

I tried the shader_pipeline branch but it fails to compile the generated 

FRAGMENT glCompileShader "" FAILED
FRAGMENT Shader "" infolog:
ERROR: 0:1: 'GL_ALPHA' : macro name is reserved
ERROR: 0:2: 'GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS' : macro name is reserved
ERROR: 0:3: 'GL_LIGHTING' : macro name is reserved
WARNING: 0:8: 'import_modes' : unrecognized pragma
WARNING: 0:9: 'import_defines' : unrecognized pragma
WARNING: 0:11: 'import_defines' : unrecognized pragma
WARNING: 0:12: 'import_defines' : unrecognized pragma
WARNING: 0:13: 'import_defines' : unrecognized pragma
WARNING: 0:14: 'import_defines' : unrecognized pragma
ERROR: 0:16: 'GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS' : unexpected token after conditional 
ERROR: 0:52: 'GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS' : unexpected token after conditional 

Any idea what that could be?

In order for the instanced stereo rendering to work I need to add some 
code to each shader to select the right projection matrix and sets the 
render target.
Which would be the best place to automatically add this code to every 
Each geometry also needs and additional vertex attribute (a float[2] 
If possible I would like to automatically add this to each geometry. Any 
suggestion on how to do that?



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