[osg-users] [osgPlugins] plugin_pdf on Windows 64 bit

Andrea Pennarelli and.xet at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 07:32:37 PDT 2017


I'm trying to compile the pdf plugin on Windows. I have a lot of difficulties because it seems very hard to compile poppler with its dependencies. From what I understand I need the glib version of poppler compiled with cairo. 
Online I found some precompiled versions of poppler with cairo, but in the cpp version, not glib, so it isn't a good choiche, I think. I've red that the cpp version use the internal render engine, and not the cairo renderer... I'm a little confused.

Did someone used this plugin on windows? Can you tell me how?

I've also tried to rewrite the plugin using the cpp version, but I'm stuck because with the cpp version I can't render on a cairo image, I get a poppler image and then I don't know how proceed.

I'm also thinking about use MuPdf as pdf renderer, has anyone tried it? Can someone to give me some advice on how to proceed to integrate it?

Any advice is welcome, of course.

Thank you!


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