[osg-users] Crash with VBO and shared context

Romain Roch jumaroch.belpecajo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 06:23:46 PDT 2017


We recently upgraded our application to OSG 3.4.0 and we are now getting a crash when deleting an osg::View instance.

Our application creates an additional view using a shared context with the main view. This view is displayed in a separated Qt dialog.
The crash occurred when this second view is deleted: the destruction of its osg::State deletes the GLExtensions instance associated to the context id.
The current VBOs that were initialized will make the application crash as soon as they are used since their internal GLExtensions instance is dead.

Is it a known limitation of OSG with MDI applications, i.e. one cannot delete a view that shares a context while the main view remains active ?

Would it be possible to add a test that check whether the graphics context is shared in osg::State destructor before deleting the associated GLExtensions instance ?


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