[osg-users] ViewerBase::frame() method slow after changing the color of a geometry

Lionel Lagarde lionel.lagarde at oktal-se.fr
Fri Jul 21 02:25:15 PDT 2017

I don't know about the double frame but the default for geometries 
(drawables in fact) is to use OpenGL display lists (depending on the OSG 

OpenGL display lists creation takes time. The dirtyDisplayList method 
forces OSG to re-create the OpenGL display list.

The solution is to force the geometry to use vertex arrays:


On 21/07/2017 11:11, Gianni Ambrosio wrote:

> Hi All,
> I build a huge geometry (27 milion vertices, 9 milion triangles) as follows:
> 	osg::Geometry* geometry = new osg::Geometry;
> 	geometry->setDataVariance(osg::Object::DYNAMIC);
> 	geometry->setVertexArray(buildVertices(count));
> 	geometry->setColorArray(buildColors(count), osg::Array::BIND_PER_VERTEX);
> 	geometry->addPrimitiveSet(buildElements(count));
> On mouse event, after getting an intersection with the graphics, I do:
> 	osg::Geometry* geom = dynamic_cast<osg::Geometry*>(intersection.drawable.get());
> 	osg::Vec4Array& color = dynamic_cast<osg::Vec4Array&>(*geom->getColorArray());
> 	color[intersection.indexList[0]] = selectedColor;
> 	color[intersection.indexList[1]] = selectedColor;
> 	color[intersection.indexList[2]] = selectedColor;
> 	geom->dirtyDisplayList();
> 	color.dirty();
> The problem is that after these lines there is a delay of at least one second before seeing the triangle with the updated color on my 3D viewer.
> Debugging OSG code I found that "ViewerBase::frame()" is called twice before seeing the new color. Moreover the first time "frame()" is called "renderingTraversals()" takes a lot.
> I will debug the OSG code deeper but is there a way to prevent the delay I see in my application?
> You can find the full example in attachment.
> Thanks for your help,
> Gianni
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