[osg-users] wide aspect ratio causing problems with polygons on HUD

John Smith general at itpsg.com
Tue Dec 26 14:18:12 PST 2017


I've recently hit a snag with a change in implementation to a really wide aspect ratio. I have a HUD tied to a camera that spans 4476x900 pixels.

Lines are not drawn using normal OpenGL line drawing because the maximum width is apparently pathetically low (like 10 pixels) so the software I'm trying to update is using an OpenGL QUAD (I know it's deprecated in versions 3.x, but for now it's what I have to work with.)

The vertical lines seem to be drawn fine. The horizontal lines are squished...presumably because the line is rendered as a Quad on such a large width aspect ratio display. I have 2 questions:

1: Is this the right way to get around line width issues?
2: How can I ensure that width of the lines are consistent regardless of if they are vertical or horizontal?

Thank you!


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